NEW Lyric vid for "Sorry"

A bit about the track-  "If you listen hard you will hear Brett Hestla's voice in the background. You'll also hear an EBow. Brian Bond's used it to create an eerie background. The song was kind of a wildcard. We knew we had 3 solid tracks on the E.P. So, we took a chance and built Sorry right on the spot, with a heavy riff we had experimented with only one time. I just started speaking the lyrics in the studio and it worked. Things got really deep in the studio when I sang the last line of the second verse. It was definitely a memorable moment. It took Brett a few weeks to send us the final version. He felt compelled to add a guitar overlay in the chorus and we were blown away. Not just because we loved what we heard but also that he was inspired enough to put the extra work in on it. The lyrics are right out of my life. It's about personal growth and owning up to your mistakes, and we hope you appreciate the realness." -Scotty Mac

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