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Scotty Mac here.. I'm just having too much fun with that.. "Make YOTL great again," every time I say it I chuckle.

SO... WHY is requesting "Stay Alive" on the radio important? I mean.. It's a trip to hear us on the radio, that's for sure. (Over 400 plays in 2 weeks, in 30 plus locations nationwide with 10 more weeks of radio play to go!? SUPER COOL!)

But I mean.. what does your phone call to a station, or your email, or your tweet or FB tag REALLY do??

Here is what it does:

When you contact a station and say, "PLAY "STAY ALIVE" from Year of the Locust!"


  • The stations that aren't playing us START playing us.
  • The stations that are playing us, INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF TIMES PER DAY THEY PLAY US.
  • All those plays get tallied up weekly and we get a chart rating.
  • Higher up the charts we go THE MORE STATIONS PLAY US!


It gives us #MOMENTUM and helps spread the word of YOTL and helps grow our #SWARMFAMILY

We are doing exceptionally well at the charts, (#37 at Secondary radio and #57 at BILLBOARD)

but let's keep it going!!


We have toured this great nation numerous times. We have met some of the most kick ass people this continent has to offer. We've rocked your socks. We've become FAMILY.

And now we need you. I need you.

Let's show the world ROCK isn't even close to dead and make our mark TOGETHER.

                                                -Scotty Mac








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