From Rochester, NY to North Carolina...

Scot here from YOTL. First leg of the #PersonalPaintour complete and we have to say.. Rochester, NY you blew us away!! We CAN'T wait to return October 21st. We had an amazing time on this tour and met so many great people. The Murphy's and everyone in Rochester, Billy at 1000HP, Brandon from The Fallen, Denise and Rip at Bandemonium, Bradley, The guy's in Dear Mr. Dead, Scott Dixon, Stephen Weiss, Tammy and friends in NC, Chris and Jon (thanks for the drum clinic bruhh!!) from Sun & Flesh, Thanks Mike my friend in D.C., Jeanie, Nancy, Cheryl, and Caustic Method in the 'Cuse, Cassandra and friends and BIG Brian in wild WV.. Jane Evile and Bart for taking us in and feeding us! The list goes on! We truly LOVE you all and I'm not just whistlin' dixie! Big ups!!!

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