Our new video for "SUNRISE" is out now! 

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Album is done!! 

Big thanks to Don Zientera from www.innerearstudio.com for doing an amazing job mastering our new full length, "DEVOLVER." It sounds AMAZING!
Check the photos section for some pics from our recent RISE UP video shoot and "22" lyric video shoot! 

"Mastering" ...what the hell is it?? 

So we have decided to hand over our tracks to Don at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Va to undergo the mastering process. (The Foo Fighters are regulars there) For those of you who don't know what the hell that is... (we've heard the word but what does it mean??) Think of it like this.. If you mix ricotta, mozzarella, ziti and sauce in a bowl you will have a delicious concoction for sure. But it's not until you bake it that it becomes the famed dish "baked ziti" that grandma used to make. Fact is, the baking part makes the ingredients work together to bring out all the amazing flavor. And THAT is how mastering works. It brings out all the "punch" and impact from the music we labored so hard to capture at Sabella Studios. 

NEW ALBUM 2016!! 

Greetings! After 60 straight grueling hours at the WORLD famous Sabella Studios we are nearing completion of "DEVOLVER" our first ever  full length recording of this caliber!! Remember a little song about "sex and candy?" THAT'S Jim our producer who recorded that! perhaps this will jog your memory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KT-r2vHeMM In "DEVOLVER" we explore the idea that mankind's evolution is inherently tied to his destruction and, although sad but true, MUST always stand firm in his effort for self preservation! "Arm yourself and keep me by your side!" We beg the question, "Why must we destroy ourselves with war? "Imagine the children no longer willing, to fight and die alone, prepared to do your bidding!" Also we talk drug addiction, redemption, personal growth, and just straight being BETTER than everyone else. This is going to be EPIC!


Hey everyone, Scotty here from Yotl with a personal message. 

In today's day and age MORE THAN EVER we depend upon your support to keep pushing forward. Please browse our new line of swag for 2016 and contribute to YOTL at www.yearofthelocust.com/store 

Here is a short video I made at my house (with the help of my bearded, marine hobbit friend Mike) showcasing last year's BEST SELLER, our all over print: 

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Parting ways and new beginnings... 

As you may have noticed.. Glen Wolfe is no longer a member of YOTL. After summer tour he decided to part ways with the band and focus elsewhere. During that same tour we met "Awesome" Ray Ray from D.C. Originally from Arlington, Ray has stepped up to fill his shoes and we love him for it. Check him out here:


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