Our new video for "SUNRISE" is out now! 

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We have decided to sweeten the pre-sale deal til 11/11!! 

This tapestry traveled the states with us in 2016 and we are going to SIGN IT, AND GIVE IT AWAY... To one lucky winner. Any purchase of $75 or more from www.yearoftelocust.com/store qualifies you automatically.  

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So let's recap: 

Any purchase of $75 or more qualifies you to win our YOTL WALL TAPESTRY. AND you receive BOTH our "HOME" E.p. AND the DEVOLVER FULL LENGTH signed by the band!! 

Any purchase of $35 qualifies you to win a SIGNED 2016 tour poster! AND you receive your choice of either our "HOME" E.P. or DEVOLVER signed by the band!! Simply choose at checkout. 

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Hey guys Scotty here. Now those of you who have reached out to me (via facebook or email or website) know that I do my best to make time to get back to each and every one of you. And I can speak for all the guys when I say we each value and respect every fan , friend and SWARM FAMILY MEMBER that reaches out to us. So this week I AM REACHING OUT TO YOU. Head over to yearofthelocust.com/store and check out the awesome, YOTL STREET TEAM inspired gear created by our very own Peter Hellers Design.  As the orders come in I am reading through them and I am very pleased. Let's keep it going. Thank you for the support!! 

Do you LOVE sharing new music? JOIN OUR STREET TEAM!! 

Hey everyone. Scotty Mac here. Music has POWER. The power to change your outlook; to change your mood. We listen when we are driving, when we are working, when we are cleaning, when we are PARTYING. When we are down, it helps get us through the hard times. And it makes the good times EVEN better. Hell some of us even use it to get in the mood. (Bow chika wow wow ;) But for some of us, perhaps the only thing better then enjoying music is  sharing it with others. Do you love that feeling of satisfaction that comes from sharing the right music with the right person and seeing it "click?"  If you ARE that person then we want YOU for our street team! I personally have met so many amazing people in the last 2 years and I believe, with your help, we can have an even greater 2018! Street Team members receive VERY exclusive percs! Check them out here: https://yearofthelocust.com/street-team-membership

New music update and tour plans! 

Greetings friends and family of THE SWARM. First off we want to thank you all for the love we have received in 2017. We have tons of inbox requests for repeat appearances across this great nation. A nation we would gladly STAND up for. (heehhee) 

We will be hitting the road in November/December for a 3 part adventure. 

Part 1: 5 days in the Catskill Mountains of NY, writing a new E.P. with producer/engineer Brian Bonds (formerly Florida Georgia Line). We have forged a friendship with, and have chosen him to guide us in our next musical venture. We feel strongly that our musical goals are aligned and so, we will share this next experience together. Super psyched! 

Part 2: Hitting the road for 10 days (11/30-12/10) for select shows to showcase and develop our new material. 

Let us know where you want us to come and play!

Part 3: 5 Days in Nashville, TN recording our new music! 

Can't wait to reconnect with you all once again! 

Missing the boys right now... 

Hey, Scot here and I felt compelled to share with you a dirty little secret. Well to some its no secret, but the fact is a lot of bands have "revolving door" members. Generally this is because only a few members own the band and money has gotten in the way. We haven't fallen victim to this peril and I will do my damndest to prevent it. We are as much a family as you can be. And with Ty amd Ray out of state we don't see eachother between tours. So I just want to say that I miss those bastards right now... And I look forward to seeing them when I head down to NASHVILLE next week to reunite with old friends and contacts from the road. Soon we will be writing and rockin new music for 2018.. See you soon brothers!!!

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