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    Freight Surcharges
     ? We have heard from global logistics companies that the capacity of commercial air cargo is significantly reduced with fewer passenger flights and destinations. 
    ? This has caused them to arrange for shipment on more indirect routes and to purchase additional cargo aircraft lifts which are in extreme high demand.
     ? As a result, many global logistics companies are now implementing an ‘emergency situation’ surcharge on some shipments. 
    ? As we quote freight for you, please note this is an estimate only, and we will modify the invoice amount with the actual rate of shipment cost.

     Lead Times 
    ? Another challenge we are seeing is that shipments are held at airports or seaports longer than usual because flights or ocean vessels are being delayed and/or cancelled. 
    ? Our production times remain the same, but situations like this will impact the lead time quoted to you. 


    • 我們從全球物流公司那里獲悉,隨著客運航班和目的地的減少,商業航空貨運的能力大大降低。
    • 這導致他們安排了更多間接航線的運輸,并購買了需求量極高的貨機升降機。
    • 許多全球物流公司正在對某些貨物實施“緊急情況”附加費。

    • 由于航班或遠洋船被延誤和/或取消,貨物在機場或海港的滯留時間比平時更長。